The Greatest Moment It’s Given Me

This post is more of a personal story that means very much to me. So soccer is a sport in which I have devoted so much of my life to. Day in and day out, year after year, I’ve only focused on getting better. The journey however was fun, it was difficult not to love the moments I had when playing this sport. But, as I knew my career was winding down I had set myself one goal. As a senior playing high school soccer, I knew it was my last season and wanted to win the North Coast Sections (NCS). It is a post season tournament in which you get seeded based off your regular season performance. One loss and your team is eliminated. My friends and I on the team would discuss winning this years prior to it ever occurring. However, when it did finally happen, when my dream came true, this sport provided what I would deem as my greatest life moment. After a 1-0 win, in the last minute of our quarter final game, against a high school rival team, we moved onto the semi-finals. After a 2-1 win in a last minute, double overtime, golden goal win, in the semi-finals we moved onto the championship game. Here I arrived at a situation in which would either become one of the happiest moments in my life or one of the saddest. In another double overtime, golden goal win, after a very intense game, we won. The next 30 seconds were more of a blur than anything. I remember my teammates storming the field and giving me a hug in which the rest of the school also stormed. The entire thing simply meant so much to me. I won it for a coach who deserved it the most, won it with friends who are close to me and finally fulfilled my quest to win it all. It was a moment that brought me so much happiness, waking up the next day to only see the medal I hung on my wall brought me so much joy. To this day I still smile and get happy when I think about it. I even get chills when I watch the recap video of the game. Here is the link, NCS Finals Recap . A link to help share the greatest moment the wonderful sport of soccer provided me.

Here is a photo before the game started. My good friend and co-captain to the left of me. My great coach to the right of me.

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